Warcher Defenders


Defend the castle with all you've got


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Warcher Defenders is a 2D arcade game where you play a small archer who must defend a castle from hordes of attacking monsters. Luckily, your hero will have the help of various special characters who are full of resources.

Sliding your finger up and down, you can make your character climb up and down the castle's barricade. To shoot an arrow, you just have to tap the screen. With these simple controls you have to try to stop the advance of all the enemies appearing from the right side of the screen. Bats, giant spiders, flying pumpkins, skeletons ... you'll have to face all sorts of enemies, including a few especially powerful bosses from time to time.

In Warcher Defenders you can play as three different characters, but you have to unlock them as you go. Also, you can recruit mercenaries to help you. And of course, you can buy all sorts of improvements for your weapons that can give you more of a chance at survival when facing the dreaded bosses.

Warcher Defenders is a fun game that comes equipped with charming retro graphics and an excellent sound track.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher